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Privacy Policy

What Information Is Collected and How it is Used? collects customer data in order to improve the shopping experience, each individual experiences, in addition to improve communication with shoppers regarding products, promotions, services and to improve the overall operation of the website. collects a customer’s name, email and post address and credit card numbers that are given at the time of an order. We also collect the email address when customers submit a question or comment in the Contact Us section of the website, plus we contact you in order to respond to questions and to provide shopping and shipping information. We maintain a record of all products purchased in order to enhance and personalize the shopping experience. We also monitor website use and traffic patterns to improve the design of the website, products and services sold and in the way we offer and sell the products. understands we must maintain and use customer information responsibly.


In order to improve our performance to better serve you, we may occasionally combine information you provide online. We may combine the information with publically available content and info we receive through or with our cross-reference partners. By combining this information, we can better communicate with you about the products we sell, special events and other promotional specials, all in order to improve your shopping experience.


Cosmo DNA Clothing never shares any information you provide when you take part in a sweepstakes or contest with companies we have joined with in order to offer these promotions or to promote what we think is going to interest you. We may disclose some information about you to other members of the Cosmo DNA Clothing family as required by law. In addition, on occasion we may share a portion of the postal mailing list with reputable organizations not affiliated or operated by Cosmo DNA Clothing who wish to market products or services directed at you. If you wish to now have your name and address shared with outside organizations, email


We may use different methods of tracking user activity on the website, ranging from Internet cookies, Web beacons or, in some cases, connecting to a select partner. An Internet cookie is a small file that is placed onto the hard drive of a computer when visiting a website. A Web beacon is a string of code that represents a graphic image while used in connection with an Internet cookie. The information collected is used to study the use of in order to improve customer service, the performance and to prevent any sort of fraud. These and other technologies help delivery advertising that may directly assist in your particular interest. If you want to opt out of any sort of advertising, visit It is also possible to delete cookies and those connected with Web beacons by removing the cookies from your Web browser. If you delete the Internet cookies, open up a different Web browser or purchase a new computer, certain functions of the website may alter and it is possible you might need to renew the opt-out choice, if you have decided to do so.


It is possible we or one of our partners might use Flash Cookies (known as Local Stored Objects), or a similar technology. A Local Stored Object is a small file placed onto a computer hard drive through Adobe Flash or a similar piece of software that may be built, downloaded or installed into your computer. We utilize these tech functions in order to personalize and improve a customer’s online shopping experience, improve the general process and to personalize store settings. Flash cookies can do everything from improving a video experience on the website to assisting with online games and audio playback. Other websites or business partners might recognize the Flash settings. Flash cookies are different from browser cookies. To remove Flash cookies visit to learn about changing and altering your storage settings. If you disable Flash cookies and other, similar technologies, do note that you may lose access to certain features of the website, which in turn can reduce your overall enjoyment of the website.


We may also use other forms of automatic collection in order to determine if the information provided by visitors to our website, including the IP address, language, browser and computer ID numbers. We use this information to produce an improved customer service and enhance the products offered, plus we use it to detect potential misuse or fraudulent activity.


We never share credit card information with third parties, outside of the sole reason to process the payment information for purchases a customer has ordered and as requested by law. We may disclose credit card and other information collected with an outside company in order to protect against fraud or unauthorized use of a credit card or gift card.


Under 13


If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed to submit information to is designed for individuals over the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect information from people who are under the age of 13. If a parent, guardian or someone else becomes aware of the personal information we have collected from someone under the age of 13, please contact us at


Security Measures


While ordering, we take steps to secure all customer and credit card information. While using, we use the security measures put in place by