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Idea Room



There's Something About Your First Time

Greyson Ferguson

Do you ever find all of your greatest thoughts occur in a certain place or location? Perhaps it is during your morning shower as you wash away the sleep and prolong the rest of the day. Maybe it is on your commute into work, where any thought at all is better than the drudging of your oncoming shift. An afternoon jog can often produce more than just sore muscles and a healthy sweat. For me, my brilliant, or at coherent, ideas stem from two locations: church and sitting on the John.

I’m not really sure what this says about the connection I make between organized religion and a toilet, but both have proven idealistically fruitful. (If I sat on the church toilet all day I’d probably be able to see through time). Perhaps all the talk of fire and brimstone really heats up my creative juices. Maybe it’s because I forget to bring a book into the bathroom (in the words of one George Costanza: “…if it wasn’t for the toilet, there would be no books”) and I had already read all of the ingredients listed on the back of the face wash.  Whatever the reasoning, those spots are my idea rooms.

For the longest time, I knew I wanted to include a weekly blog post on the website. Maintaining a weekly post for a guy who struggles making his bed in the morning might prove difficult, but unlike the morning chore, I look forward to this. The post is not always going to revolve around the thoughts I conjure up in one of my thinking spots. Some weeks it might include a video skit we are working on (which I am incredibly excited about), while other weeks might simply include images of my dog and her inner monologue.

I promise this to be the dullest of all my upcoming posts, so thanks for sticking with it. I hope you enjoy the Cosmo DNA Clothing website and the continual work the rest of the staff and I are putting into it to make it the best it can be. Feel free to click around and check it all out. Just know there is much more to come in the next few weeks and months. But for now, I need help thinking of next week’s blog post, so I’m off to my idea room.